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CamdenBoss prides itself on being your Number 1 Electro-Mechanical Partner. 

We operate Design, Engineering, Production,Sales, Customer Service and Distribution within totally customer focussed processes supporting our Worldwide Sales network. 

We deliver an extensive range of innovative and cost effective Electro-Mechanical components, electronic housings and 19" cabinet solutions globally, capitalising on our 40+ years of heritage. 

With over 25% of the UK PCB Terminal Block market, ranging from 2.54mm-10.16mm pitch, wire protected or rising clamp, 4A-57A rated, PCB mounted and pluggable terminal blocks and other interconnection solutions, CamdenBoss has a PCB connection solution for every application.

Electro-mechanical components such as Fuses & Fuse-holders, Batteries, LEDs & Indicators, Miniature Switches, Limit & Safety Switches, DIN Rail mounted Interface Modules, Control Products and Transformers complete our extensive range of components. 

A housing solution can always be found for assemblies with one of our universal housings, hand-held enclosures, die-cast boxes, potting boxes, desktop cases, instrument cases, DIN rail enclosures or interface supports. Our unique and robust Flat-Pack Logic Server Cabinets are efficiently stored, easily moved on site and assembled single-handed in 5 minutes!  This range is complemented by our wall mountable WIT racks, 19" enclosures and 19" modular constructed sub-racks. 

We offer a full customisation service for all our enclosures; with custom colours, surface coating & RFI shielding, engraving & silk-screening, labels & membrane keypads, as well as milling for all types of connectors and control components.

Custom enclosures are designed, prototyped and manufactured to specific and exacting requirements with rapid lead-times using our Tool-Free Flat Sheet Plastic Technology process that we call Custom Design.  This is an innovative solution for unique enclosure requirements that can now be achieved without the expensive tooling costs historically associated with bespoke designs.  

For medium and high volume enclosure requirement we offer the complete product design and manufacturing solution, which includes 3D modelling, design, tooling, manufacturing, component sourcing, assembly and packaging.

As market leaders regular new product introductions ensure we always have the latest mainstream technology on offer.