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PAC1921 High-Side current sensor with configurable analog output, I2C, 32V, power calculation, adjustable for microcontroller voltages


     The PAC1921 is a dedicated power-monitoring device with a configurable analog output that can present power, current or voltage. All information is also provided on the 2-wire/I2C© compatible interface.  The PAC1921 is designed for power measurement and diagnostic systems that cannot allow for latency when performing high-speed power management. The device is 0.4% accurate for current readings and 1% accurate for power readings.
     Measurements are accumulated in large registers, allowing for integration periods of 500 μs to 2.9 seconds. The measurement is averaged and presented on the analog output with a full scale range of 3V, 2V, 1.5V, or 1.0V.
     The PAC1921 has a READ/INT pin for host control of the measurement integration period. This pin can be used to synchronize readings of multiple buses between several devices. Data sampling and output attributes, such as the internal ADC resolution (11-bit or 14-bit) and sample rate, are configurable.   The device can monitor power rails from 0-32V with a full-scale capability of 100 mV across the sense resistor. No input filters are required for this device.

   Configurable Measurement Type Output: Power,Current or Bus Voltage

   Configurable Voltage Output (3V, 2V, 1.5V, 1V)

   All output values also available over SMBus>

   New Device Topology

  Provides integrated average powermeasurement

  Power measurements provided tomicro-controller with ADC inputs

  Output voltage proportional to selectedmeasurement>

   High-Side Current Sensor

  100 mV full-scale current sense voltage range

  Second-order delta-sigma ADC with 11-bit or14-bit resolution

  Selectable current binary gain ranges: 1xthrough 128x>

   1% Power Measurement Accuracy

   Auto-Zero Offset>

   Auto Sleep State>- Automatically shifts to low-power state(3.5 μA)

   VDD = 3.3V nominal (operational range 3.0Vto 5.5V)>

   Bus Range 0V to 32V>

   No Input Filters Required>

   10-pin 3 mm x 3 mm VDFN RoHSCompliant Package





The PAC1921 is a dedicated power monitoring device with a configurable analog output. This device is unique in that all power related information is available on the 2-wire/I2C© compatible interface and power, current, or voltage is available on the analog output..  The PAC1921 High-Side Current/Power Sensor Evaluation Board package provides users with the means to...

ADM00592PAC1921 High Side Power and Current Monitor Evaluation Board ¥0.0000购买



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