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CC3120MOD data sheet



Add Wi-Fi® to low-cost, low-power MCU for IoT applications.The CC3120MOD is an FCC, IC, CE, MIC, SRRC, and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ module that is part of the new SimpleLinkWi-Fi family, which dramatically simplifies the implementation of Internet connectivity. TheCC3120MOD integrates all protocolsfor Wi-Fi and Internet, which greatly minimize host MCU software requirements. With built-insecurity protocols, the CC3120MODsolution provides a robust and simple security experience. Additionally, the CC3120MOD is a complete platform solutionincluding various tools and software, sample applications, user and programming guides, referencedesigns, and the TI E2E™ support community. The CC3120MOD is available in an LGA package thatis easy to lay out with all required components including serial Flash, RF filter, crystal, andpassive components that are fully integrated.The Wi-Fi network processor subsystem features a Wi-Fi Internet-on-a-chip and containsan additional dedicated ARM® MCU thatoff-loads many of the networking activities from the host MCU. Thissubsystem includes an 802.11 b/g/n radio, baseband, and MAC with a powerful crypto engine for fast,secure Internet connections with 256-bit encryption. The CC3120MOD module supports station, access point, and Wi-Fi direct modes. Themodule supports WPA2 personal and enterprise security. This subsystem includes embedded TCP/IP, TLS/SSL stacks, an HTTP server, and multipleInternet protocols. The CC3120MOD module supports a variety of Wi-Fiprovisioning methods, including HTTP based on AP mode, SmartConfig™ technology, andWPS2.0.As part of TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi family second generation, theCC3120MOD module introduces the new features and enhanced capabilities, such as thefollowing: IPv6EnhancedWi-Fi provisioningOptimized low-powermanagementWi-Fi AP connection with up to fourstationsMore concurrently opened BSD sockets and up to 16BSD sockets, of which 6 are secureHTTPSsupportRESTful API supportAsymmetric keys Cryptolibrary The power-management subsystem includes an integrated DC-DC converter with support fora wide range of supply voltages. This subsystem enables low-power consumption modes such ashibernate with RTC and shutdown, which requires approximately5 µA and 1 µA of current, respectively.The CC3120MOD module is deliveredwith a slim and user-friendly host driver to simplify the integration and development of networkapplications. The host driver can easily be ported to most platforms and operating systems (OS). Itis written in strict ANSI-C (C99) and requires minimal platform adaptation layer (porting layer).The CC3120MOD module canconnect to any 8-, 16-, or 32-bit MCU over the SPI or UART Interface. The device driver minimizesthe host memory footprint requirements of less than 7KB of code memory and 700B of RAM for a TCPclient application.The CC3120MOD module is part of the SimpleLink™ microcontroller (MCU)platform which consists of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® low energy, Sub-1 GHz and host MCUs, which all sharea common, easy-to-use development environment with a single core software development kit (SDK) andrich tool set. A one-time integration of the SimpleLink platform enables you to add any combinationof the portfolio’s devices into your design, allowing 100 percent code reuse when your designrequirements change. The CC3120MOD modules comes in an easy-to-layout LGA package and isdelivered as a complete platform solution including various tools and software, sampleapplications, user and programming guides, reference designs, and the TI E2E™ support community.The module family is also part of the SimpleLink MCU portfolio and supports the SimpleLinkdevelopers ecosystem. For more information, visit www.ti.com/SimpleLink.特性The CC3120MOD is a Wi-Fi® Module Which Includes the CC3120RNMARGK Wi-Fi Network Processor (NWP). The Fully Integrated, Industrial Temperature Grade, Green Module Includes All Required Clocks, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Flash, and Passives. FCC, IC, CE, MIC, and SRRC CertifiedWi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Modules, With Ability to Request Certificate Transfer for Wi-Fi Alliance Members Featuring a Dedicated Internet-on-a chip™ Wi-Fi NWP Which Completely Offloads Wi-Fi and Internet Protocols from the Application MCUWi-Fi Modes 802.11b/g/n Station 802.11b/g/n Access Point (AP) Supporting up to FourStationsWi-Fi Direct® Client/GroupOwnerWPA2 Personal and Enterprise Security: WEP, WPA/WPA2 PSK, WPA2 Enterprise (802.1x)IPv4 and IPv6 TCP/IP Stack Industry-Standard BSD Socket Application ProgrammingInterfaces (APIs)16 Simultaneous TCP or UDPSockets6 Simultaneous TLS and SSL Sockets IP Addressing: Static IP, LLA, DHCPv4, and DHCPv6 With Duplicate Address Detection (DAD)SimpleLink™ Connection Manager for Autonomous and Fast Wi-Fi ConnectionsFlexible Wi-Fi Provisioning With SmartConfig™ Technology, AP Mode, and WPS2 Options RESTful API Support Using Internal HTTP Server Wide Set of Security FeaturesHardware FeaturesSeparate Execution EnvironmentsDevice Identity NetworkingSecurityPersonal and Enterprise Wi-Fi SecuritySecure Sockets (SSLv3,TLS1.0/1.1/TLS1.2)HTTPS ServerTrusted Root-CertificateCatalogTI Root-of-Trust Publickey Software IPProtectionSecure Key Storage File System SecuritySoftwareTamper DetectionCloning ProtectionEmbedded Network Applications Running on a Dedicated NWP HTTP/HTTPS Web Server With Dynamic UserCallbacks mDNS, DNS-SD, DHCP Server PingRecovery Mechanism – Ability to Recover to Factory DefaultsWi-Fi TX Power17.0 dBm at 1 DSSS13.5 dBm at 54OFDMWi-Fi RX Sensitivity–95.0 dBm at 1 DSSS–73.5 dBm at 54OFDMApplication ThroughputUDP: 16 MbpsTCP: 13Mbps Power-Management SubsystemIntegrated DC-DC Converters Support a Wide Range of SupplyVoltage:VBAT Wide-Voltage Mode: 2.3V to 3.6 VAdvanced Low-Power ModesShutdown: 1 µA Hibernate: 5 µALow-Power DeepSleep (LPDS): 115 µARX Traffic: 59 mA at 54OFDMTX Traffic: 229 mA at 54 OFDM, MaximumPowerIdle Connected (MCU in LPDS): 690 µA at DTIM =1 Additional Integrated Components on Module40.0-MHzCrystal With Internal Oscillator32.768-kHz Crystal(RTC)32-Mbit SPISerial Flash RF Filter and Passive ComponentsLGA Package1.27-mm Pitch, 63-Pin, 20.5-mm × 17.5-mm LGA Package forEasy Assembly and Low-Cost PCB DesignOperating Temperature Ambient TemperatureRange: –40°C to +85°CModule Supports SimpleLink Developers EcosystemAll trademarks are the property of their respective owners.





借助 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3120 无线网络处理器可以让用户灵活地将 Wi-Fi 添加到任何微控制器 (MCU)。CC3120 BoosterPack™ 插件模块 (CC3120BOOST) 是一块可轻松连接到 TI MCU Launchpad 套件的电路板(为 MSP-EXP432P401R 提供的软件示例);因此请进行快速软件开发。CC3120BOOST 可插入到高级仿真 BoosterPack (CC31xxEMUBOOST),还可连接到使用 SimpleLink Studio 仿真 MCU 的 PC。最后,此套件还可通过适配器板连接到除 TI Launchpad 套件之外的任何低成本、低功耗 MCU 平台。

此套件具有 3 种配置:

  • CC3120BOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST + MSP-EXP432P401R:在 CC3120 软件开发套件 (SDK) 中运行所有软件,并在 MSP432 MCU 上进行开发
  • CC3120BOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST:用于所有 CC3120 开发
  • CC3120BOOST:独立的 CC3120 BoosterPack 购买选项,适用于已经具有 CC31XXEMUBOOST 的情况
  • CC3120 Internet-on-a-chip™ 解决方案包含轻松创建物联网解决方案所需的所有资源 – 安全功能、快速连接、云支持、公开文档、E2E 支持论坛等。有关 CC3120 的更多信息,请访问 http://www.ti.com.cn/simplelinkwifi。



    The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3120 wireless network processor provides users the flexibility to add Wi-Fi to any microcontroller (MCU). The CC3120MOD BoosterPack™ plug-in-module (Boostxl-CC3120MOD) is a board which can easily be connected to TI’s MCU Launchpad kits (software examples provided for MSP-EXP432P401R); thus enabling rapid software development. This Boostxl-CC3120MOD can be plugged into the Advanced Emulation BoosterPack (CC31xxEMUBOOST), and connected to a PC which emulates an MCU with SimpleLink Studio. Lastly, this kit can also be connected to any low-cost, low power MCU platforms beyond TI’s Launchpad kits, through adapter boards.

    This kit comes in 3 configurations:

    • BOOSTXL-CC3120MOD + CC31XXEMUBOOST + MSP-EXP432P401R: run all software in the CC3120 software development kit (SDK) and develop on MSP432 MCU
    • BOOSTXL-CC3120MOD + CC31XXEMUBOOST:  used for any CC3120 development
    • BOOSTXL-CC3120MOD: standalone CC3120MOD BoosterPack purchase option if you already have CC31XXEMUBOOST

    The CC3120 Internet-on-a-chip™ solution contains all you need to easily create IoT solutions – security features, quick connection, cloud support, publicly available documentation, E2E support forums and more.  For more information on CC3120, visit http://www.ti.com/simplelinkwifi.



    此高级仿真 BoosterPack 是 SimpleLink Wi-Fi® CC3100 BoosterPack 的一个附件。


  • 闪存更新到 CC3100BOOST
  • 使用 CC3100 无线电工具进行射频性能评估
  • 使用 Simplelink Studio for CC3100 进行 MCU 软件开发 – 可以在 CC3100 软件开发套件 (SDK) 中找到 PC 工具、文档和示例应用程序
  • 可以按照三种配置购买此套件:

  • CC3100BOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST + MSP-EXP430F5529LP:在 CC3100 SDK 中运行所有软件并在 MSP430F5529 MCU 上进行开发
  • CC3100BOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST:用于所有 CC3100 开发
  • CC31XXEMUBOOST:独立开发套件,独立于 CC3100 BoosterPack
  • 有了 SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 解决方案,客户现在可以将 Wi-Fi 灵活地添加到任何微控制器 (MCU)。有关 CC3100 的更多信息,请访问 http://www.ti.com/simplelinkwifi。



    CC3120MOD应用案例 更多案例 


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