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Catalyst is a global nonprofit working with some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to build workplaces that work for women. Founded in 1962, Catalyst helps organizations remove barriers and drive change with pioneering research, practical tools, and proven solutions to accelerate and advance women into leadership—because progress for women is progress for everyone.  

Catalyst is supported by more than 800 organizations around the world that collectively employ millions of people. We achieve our mission by partnering with these companies to help them make positive change happen in their organizations. We diagnose barriers and help build inclusive cultures. We develop and deliver effective programs to reduce unconscious bias. We help companies advance women at every stage of their careers into leadership. We advise organizations on building robust and diverse boards. We give companies and CEOs the trusted advice and expertise they need to drive workplace talent transformations in complex, global businesses that are rapidly changing. 

Our action-oriented research focuses on three areas to drive workplace change: accelerating women at work by building inclusive cultures; addressing workplace issues at the intersection of gender, race and ethnicity; and engaging men as champions to help women advance and succeed. We are also dedicated to helping companies learn from each other. We foster networking and engagement. And we come together at events around the world to share knowledge and success stories about what is working to make real change happen. These events culminate with our annual Catalyst Awards Conference & Dinner, where we present the prestigious Catalyst Award to groundbreaking diversity and inclusion initiatives that are truly building workplaces that work for women. 

We are supported and guided in our work by a distinguished Board of Directors and several global and regional Advisory Boards. We also proudly lead Catalyst CEO Champions For Change, a transformative diversity and inclusion initiative launched on International Women’s Day 2017. More than 50 high-profile CEOs, whose companies represent more than 9 million employees and more than $1.7 trillion in revenue globally, have joined this initiative by publicly pledging to advance more women, including women of color, into senior leadership positions and onto their boards. And they are sharing their corporate data on women’s advancement so we can collectively hold ourselves accountable for accelerating change together!

Find out more by exploring our website or perusing our Annual Reports. 

Catalyst has been recognized by CharityWatch as a "Top-Rated" Charity and by New York magazine as a top charity for women's rights. Catalyst is a priority listing by World Wide Women, the first-ever global resource center for women and is an official Charity Partner of the International Women's Day organization. Click the logos below to find out more.